For years we attempted to collect our accounts receivable by sending out invoices once a month. After our past due receivables built up considerable dollars and we knew that we had to take a different approach.

Although our company is highly successful, we did not believe that it would be cost-effective to hire additional personnel to conduct the much-needed collection activity.

Fortunately, we hired Credit Management Group. Their highly effective system helped us to collect our receivables and reinforced our client relationships.

Within the first month of retaining Credit Management Group well over 60% of our clients paid their past due balances or worked out a payment plan. In fact, we collected hundreds of thousands of dollars at the cost of just over $2,300.

By using CMG's system, the time our internal staff spent collecting our aged accounts has been eliminated. Our personnel now devote their efforts to other productive office operations.

Credit Management Group is the ideal “back office” for us.

Nick C.


We are a relatively small court reporting company with limited staff. The nature of our business creates a high volume of receivables. In the past, we handled our accounts receivable in-house. Payment for our services was often delayed, and many of our invoices became seriously overdue. We were inefficient, but we were not willing to spend the money required to hire personnel.

Rather than expanding our staff, we decided to retain Credit Management Group to manage our accounts receivable. Their highly effective system is inexpensive, and it has provided fantastic results for us. Credit Management Group consistently follows through on our outstanding charges. Their level of professionalism in dealing with our customers is exemplary. Our cash flow has improved dramatically.

Credit Management Group has worked wonders for us. We gladly give our highest recommendation to Credit Management Group.

Howard W.




On behalf of our organization, I would like to thank you for assisting us in the successful collection of several accounts that we had deemed uncollectable. It is assuring for us to know that we will no longer have to pursue these matters in-house. The professional and expedient manner in which you handled our troublesome receivables is greatly appreciated.

Charles N.




I was referred to David Rubin and his company by a third party.  Prior to that date, the organization at which I work had never used any sort of collection agency and frankly had quite a bit of lost revenue.

My dealings with David have been instrumental in our gaining traction with our overdue balances.  Prior to making a decision about David and his firm, we had numerous discussions about how our accounts would be handled.  I’m happy to say that the professionalism and the care that has gone to each and every account have exceeded my expectations.

In short, I have found David to be timely, driven and professional.  When taking these into account and adding to the results that David has gotten- I feel quite confident in recommending David and his firm for your business’ needs.

Patrick S.




When we evaluated the expense and efficiency of our in house accounts receivable department, it was more costly than projected let alone the staff time we had to dedicate. In investigating outsourcing this office function as we have done with many others, I was introduced to Credit Management Group.

Being somewhat skeptical, we hired Credit Management Group and started with a small number of accounts to experience their company procedure and success rate. Within a very short period, it became apparent that we should be using Credit Management Group to handle all our A/R activity. Their service is easy, productive, and extremely professional. We have been able to increase cash flow by receiving payment faster.

My staff couldn’t be more pleased that they don’t have to deal with this sometimes uncomfortable activity moving forward. Having Credit Management Group working for us is a simple “No Brainer.”

David P.

Your Accounts Receivable Is A Valuable Asset That Should Not Lay Dormant.