Five Signs That Your Business Could Be Bleeding Cash

Published: Apr 13, 2017 | Last modified: Apr 14, 2017
You could have an absolutely dynamite product or service. Your business model could be impeccable. But if you don't manage your cash correctly, you very well could fail. To run a successful business, you need more than just a good idea. You need a solid managerial strategy. You must foc...

How DSO can Help Manage Accounts Receivable Efficiently

Published: Apr 6, 2017 | Last modified: Apr 6, 2017
One of the measures that can help firms to find out about the efficiency of the accounts receivable process is through day sale outstanding, or DSO. When used properly, the metrics can help in knowing about the efficiency of the collection process. DSO simply measures the number of days...

Three Tips for Better Budgets

Published: Mar 30, 2017 | Last modified: Mar 30, 2017
Budgeting can be intimidating, especially because there are such high stakes involved. But you need a budget in order for your business to survive. You owe it to your business to make the process as straightforward, efficient and accurate as possible. Fortunately, with the right technique...

6 Reasons for Outsourcing: There are many benefits to outsourcing services essential to your busines

Published: Mar 16, 2017 | Last modified: Mar 16, 2017
6 Reasons for Outsourcing There are many benefits to outsourcing services essential to your business that are not your area of expertise. Outsourcing allows you to hire experts and experienced people who specialize in a particular business process that can save you both time and mone...

The True Cost of Carrying Accounts Receivable

Published: Mar 10, 2017 | Last modified: Mar 10, 2017
Many companies extend credit to the customers to boost sales. While it cannot be denied that credit- sales benefits both the company and the customers, the fact is: carrying accounts receivable can have a negative impact on your company's bottom-line. Administrative costs, opportunity...

Why Outsourcing Accounts Receivable

Published: Mar 6, 2017 | Last modified: Mar 6, 2017
Why Outsourcing Accounts Receivable Companies waste a lot time, money, and essential company resources chasing after delinquent accounts often times negatively effecting valuable relationships with clients. Not collecting on extended credit within terms and placing unnecessary financi...

Your Accounts Receivable Is A Valuable Asset That Should Not Lay Dormant.