Maximize your company's profit by outsourcing with CMG

Our Mission

Why Outsourcing to Credit Management Group makes good business sense

The internal costs you save

Employee salary expense, employee benefits expense, payroll tax expense, insurance expense, office materials and equipment expense, office rent expense, postage expense, computing expense, etc., etc. . . .

The time you save

Your employees are relieved of the non-profit generating activity of monitoring your past due Accounts Receivable.

The improved cash-flow you get

By closely monitoring your Accounts Receivable on a short cycle we accelerate your cash receipts.

The customers or clients you retain

Our tactful incremental approach to Accounts Receivable management avoids alienating your customers or clients whose accounts have become past due.

Accounts Receivable management is our only business

We are Accounts Receivable specialists. Our professional management services free you to focus on what you do best, generating new business revenue.

Your Accounts Receivable Is A Valuable Asset That Should Not Lay Dormant.